December 13, 2005

Dear Capt. John:

As you know, in this lifetime we have an opportunity to make sound investment decisions and sometimes foolish ones. The purpose of this writing is let you know one of the best decisions I've made recently was to retain your services as a Professional Saltwater Fishing Guide.

My goal in retaining you was not to load your boat with fish but to pick your brain on when, where, why, and most importantly how to fish Estero Bay. My reasoning was simple. It was to reduce my learning curve even though I know my way around Estero Bay.

Gaining insight into where to fish and why the oyster bar, mangrove island, or dock would/wouldn't work on a certain tide flow was an education onto itself. Your knowledge and ability to relate it to me was more than impressive. I especially appreciate that you considered my boat as to where and when I could safely reach specific areas.

I took my nephew out the following day and even under tough tides and weather conditions put him on some great fish.

Anyway, thanks for a great day. What's the saying? Give a man a fish he eats for a day; teach a man to fish he eats for a lifetime.

David Kerschner DDS
Fort Myers Fl

Captain John,

Many thanks again for all of the fun and all of your hard work today. We truly had a great time on a beautiful day and were glad to be with you. ... Sam is 7 years old and Michael is 12. We greatly appreciate your efforts making them comfortable today and your persistence.

We'll get hold of you the next time we're down this way!

Jim, Laura, and Sam Ingram, Karen and Michael Brooks from Ohio

Dear Capt. Bunch:

I wanted to thank you for the great time that my son Joe (age 6) and I had on our charter with you. This was our first trip to the Ft. Myers area and I was very apprehensive about choosing a fishing guide. Having been on several charters on the East coast of Florida and in the Keys, I know first hand that some captains, while competent guides, just aren't kid friendly.

I knew in the first 20 minutes that it was going to be a good experience for Joe. He is normally very shy and he warmed right up to you. Even though he's 6 years old, you took time to explain things about the boat and answer his questions about what we were fishing for and what we were using to catch fish, and we sure caught fish!

He was bragging to Grandma and Grandpa that he caught more fish than Dad and he caught the biggest fish! I regrettably informed them that this was not a fish story and that Joey had indeed outfished his Dad (with a little help).

If you want to know what impression that it made on Joe, look at the picture that he drew at school when we got back from Florida. Some of the drawing is in pencil so I hope it scanned okay. I think that's a seatrout eyeing that "D.O.A. Shrimp". I also attached a couple of photos below.

We'll definitely be back on our next trip to the area.

Joe and I wish you the best.

Steve & Joe Philippone
Webster, New York

Dear Captain,

How are things in St. James city? Hope the weather is fine and the fishing great!

Just wanted to let you know how much we loved our fishing trip with you last week, I must say you are awesome in your abilities and knowledgeable in your profession, but most note worthy your down to earth personality, all of the above made our trip with you, interesting, fun, a learning experience and above all exciting! Catching those beautiful snook, well that was ....well....hard work getting those big fish to the boat, but hey, that's what we came for, and spanish mackerel with all their sharp teeth jetting through the bait, amazing, of course seeing the dolphins was wonderful also, your boat the GiddyUp was first class and your equipment was excellent.

If anyone asks us who to fish with in that area, you can bet your bottom dollar we will recommend Captain GiddyUp!!! Again thank you so much for a wonderful time.

Constance Baker
Edward Malone


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